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Licensing Images: Please email sales for pricing information about licensing images. If you want to get an accurate quote for a project the best thing to do is email sales and give us as much information as possible about the license needed. Below is a list of questions we need answered to give you an accurate image licensing quote. Email Extreme Nature sales department.

1) Specific Use: in what media will the picture be used? book, magazine, brochure, website, video, etc..
2) Industry: in what industry will it be used? editorial, publishing, corporate, advertising, commercial...
3) Distribution area: local, regional, national, international, worldwide ?
4) Size: what size will the photo be displayed (1/3 page, 1/2 page, full page, cover page)
5) Total circulation: how many copies will be produced ?
6) Duration/Term: Amount of time you plan to use the image ?
7) Start date/End date: When do you need this license to start and end ?
8) Photo Name (ID): The photo name can be found on the first line underneath each photo.

Purchasing Prints: When purchasing a print from Extreme Nature Photography you are buying a non-exclusive license to use this ONE print for personal usage. This means you can use the print to hang on the wall at your home, in the office, give for a present, etc... If you want to use this print for commercial use of any kind you will need to contact sales and obtain a commercial license. Also, we do not sell these images framed. You are only purchasing the print and you are responsible for framing it. The sample frames on the site are just for reference so you can get an idea of what your print can look liked framed.

Print Return Policy: There are NO refunds for custom ordered prints. When you place an order we work with our printing partners to produce the best looking print and handle the print with special care to prevent any kinks or bends in the print. We use the best possible packaging technique to keep the print in mint condition while being shipped. You must be absolutely sure you want to purchase this print and understand you are responsible to have it framed and any damages that happen to the print once you receive it are not the responsibility of Extreme Nature Photography or Ultimate Chase, Inc.

About the sample images on this website: Because of the high number of images in the library we had to "batch process" the sample images on this website. When a print is ordered from Extreme Nature we will carefully process the individual file and spend as much time as it takes to get it looking it's best. Also, upon request we can send out a proof of your purchased print so you can verify it looks the way you want it before it's printed. The delivered prints will be a higher resolution of 300dpi and will have more accurate brightness, sharpness and color profiles that can't be achieved on this website or with batch processing. Please remember if an image looks too dark or the colors look dull on this site that's because these images were batch processed for sample viewing and your actual print will look brighter and more vivid.

The Lightbox: The lightbox is YOUR collection of images. You may add up to 100 images to your lightbox. The lightbox is a convenient way to license images from us, you can simply put the images in your lightbox and when you are ready to order we can see your lightbox and know the images you want to license. You have the ability to take images out of the lightbox once added so this is a great tool to select images and then narrow down your selection. You also have the ability to save your lightbox to come back at a later time.


Payment Methods: We accept most major credit cards including American Express, Visa, and MasterCard. Credit Card payments are made to our parent company Ultimate Chase, Inc. Please use the following link to get to the payment page: Credit Card Payment Page

You can also pay by check. Please make all checks payable to Ultimate Chase, Inc. This is our parent company that handles all accounting for Extreme Nature Photography. Please send checks to the following address:

Ultimate Chase, Inc
P.O. Box 233
Key Largo, Florida 33037

Searching: We have worked hard to create an easy to search database for our growing collection of images. As you can see there are numerous categories to browse. You can also enter keywords in the search box to narrow your choices. We have embedded keywords into all the image collections to respond to more selected searches. The scope of your search results will be determined by your selection of keywords.

Quick Search: By default the system uses "Match at least one keyword" for the quick search function. If you input "beautiful sunset" (without the quotes) into the quick search field, then the search function will return results for any media that contain either "beautiful" OR "sunset" in its properties. The system supports the "AND" and "NOT" operands in the quick search function by the use of the plus sign (+) and minus sign (-) respectively in front of the keywords.

If you input "beautiful +sunset" (without the quotes) into the search field, the system will only return results for any media that contain both keywords "beautiful" AND "sunset" in its properties.

If you input "beautiful -sunset" (without the quotes) into the search field, the system will return results for any media that contain the keyword "beautiful", but this media can't contain the keyword "sunset" in its properties.

Note: There must not any spaces between the second keyword and the input operands (+), (-) keywords.

Advanced Search: The advanced search function does NOT use the same algorithms as above. It offers options allowing you to choose which operand you want to use for your searches. There are three options available:

Match at least one keyword The system will return results for any media that contain either one of the input keywords in its properties.

Match all keywords The system will only return results for any media that contain all input keywords in its properties.

Match exact phrase The system will only return results for any media that contains the exact input keyword phrase in its properties.


Image licenses are available for: Commercial, Advertising, Corporate, Editorial News, Marketing, Gallery Prints, Stock, Photo Assignments and more...
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