Photographer Mike Theiss' Video and Still Photography Awards, Publications and Credits:
Television Awards / Honors:
CNN - "Live" reporting with Don Lemon - Hurricane Florence
CNN International - "Live" reporting with George Howell
First American storm chaser / reporter to report "live" from a Hurricane in Cuba. Hurricane Matthew - October 2016
CNN International Featured Photographer - Sept. 2008
Nominated for a National Emmy award in 2006 by NBC
NBC News with Brian Williams - Hurricane Expert
NBC Today Show with Matt Lauer - Hurricane Expert
NBC Dateline - Hurricane Katrina Storm Surge Special
ABC Nightline Feature about Photographer Mike Theiss
2nd Place - 2006 Best of Photojournalism Spot News
Television Credits:
BBC - Earth series 2 - "The world's deadliest weather"
History Channel - "The End" (Ep 10) "Deep sea disaster"
TWC - "Weather Gone Viral" (Ep 205) Texas Downburst
TWC - "Weather Gone Viral" (Ep 201) Typhoon car !
ABC News - Katrina 10 years later with Robin Roberts
FOX News Special - Hurricane Katrina 10 year anniversary
TWC - "Weather Gone Viral" series (Ep 101, 106)
The Weather Channel - "Hurricane Katrina 2065"
TWC - Strangest Weather Series 2 (Ep 204, 206)
TWC - Hurricane 360 Series (Ep 101-108)
TWC - So you think you'd survive ? (Ep 103, 104, 108)
TWC - Caught on Camera (Ep 416) Northern Lights
BBC World News Live SKYPE interview from Ecuador
Discovery Channel - Megastorm "Worlds Biggest Typhoon
TWC - Strangest Weather Series 1
TWC - Caught on Camera (Ep 409) Hurricane Ivan
TWC - Caught on Camera (Ep 401) Texas Downburst
TWC - Caught on Camera (Ep 302) Hurricane Charley
Discovery Channel - "Mile Wide Tornado"
National Geographic Channel - "Top 10 Disasters"
Nippon Television in Japan - "Most Popular Lectures"
BBC Television Presenter - "Fierce Earth" series on CBBC
CBBC - stock video for 20 episodes of "Fierce Earth"
National Geographic Channel - "Forecast: Disaster"
Discovery Channel - "Earth's Wild Ride" 23 Degrees
History2 Channel -"Serial Killer Earth" Tornado on Isle 12
Inside Edition - Tornado video from Rago, Kansas
Feature Film - "The Phoenix Rises"
BBC - "Earth's Extraordinary Journey", Episode "Spin"
NHK Japan - "Catastrophe" Episode 1
PBS / Discovery Channel - "Earth from Space"
Channel M6 - French TV program
Discovery Channel - The Year The Earth Went Wild (2011)
FOX Television series "Bones"
ABC Nightly News - Hurricane Irene News Coverage
ABC Nightline Feature about Photographer Mike Theiss
The Weather Channel - Hurricane Irene Coverage
NBC Television series "America's Got Talent"
National Geographic Channel - Explorer "Stormageddon"
The Weather Channel - Caught on Camera series
Travel Channel - "World's Worst Weather"
National Geographic - "Witness: Katrina"
The Weather Channel - "Katrina: Riding It Out"
National Geographic - "Preventing Armageddon"
Spike Television - "Surviving Disaster"
Discovery Channel - Raging Planet II Series: Hurricanes
Discovery Channel - Raging Planet II Series: Tornadoes
NBC Program Special - "Hurricane Force"
Channel 4 UK - "Cutting Edge - Storm Junkies"
History Channel - "Underwater Universe"
National Geographic - Naked Science Series: Hurricanes
The Weather Channel News - Hurricane Dean Video
CNN International Featured Photographer - Sept. 2008
Feature Film - The 11th Hour - Leonardo DiCaprio
NOVA - Solar Energy "Save by the Sun"
National Geographic - Planet Earth 2006
2006 Billy Graham Television Special
Outdoor Life Network - "Top 25 Worst Disasters"
CARFAX Television Commercial
National Geographic - Naked Science 2 "Spaceman"
Discovery Channel - "Perfect Disasters - Tornado"
Discovery - "Everything You Need To Know" Series
The Weather Channel - "Full Force Nature" Series
Channel 4 UK - "The Year The Earth Went Wild"
Entertainment Tonight "The Insider" - Storm Video
PBS Frontline - "The Storm"
PBS NOVA Doc - "Storm That Drowned A City"
CBS Mini Series - Category 7 "The End Of The World"
The Weather Channel - "Seasons Fury" Katrina Special
Tokyo Broadcast Systems - "Hodou Scoop" Japan News
Discovery Channel - "Hurricanes: Deadly Season"
National Geographic - "Inside Hurricane Katrina"
NBC Dateline - Hurricane Katrina Storm Surge Video
NBC Nightly News - Hurricane Katrina Video
NBC Today Show - Hurricane Katrina Video
NBC's Rita Crosby Show - Hurricane Katrina Video
NHK Japan News - "Today Close Up" Katrina Piece
DirecTV National Television Commercial
Weather Channel News Piece - Hurricane Emily Video
ABC Good Morning America - Hurricane Dennis Video
CNN and TWC - Hurricane Dennis Video
Discovery Channel Canada - "Fear Fighters"
Playstation Video Game - "The Bible Game"
ITV UK - "Is This The Worst Weather Ever"
FEMA National Hurricane Survival Initiative
CNN and TWC - Miami Sunrise Waterspout Video
Channel 4 UK - "7 Days That Shook The Weathermen"
National Geographic - Thrill Zone "Tornado Hunters"
National Geographic - The True Face Of Hurricanes
CBS Mini Series - Category 6 "Day of Destruction"
Political T.V. Commercial for "Amendment 5 "
National Geo - Naked Science "Bermuda Triangle"
National Geographic - "Surviving Natures Fury"
National Geographic - Naked Science "Angry Skies"
T.V. Commercial - Hurricane Charley Video
CBS - "Eye of the Hurricane"
Inside Edition - Hurricane Charley 150mph Winds
ABC Good Morning America - Hurricane Charley Eyewall
NBC - 2004 Olympics Sailing Video Piece
ABC Good Morning America - Downburst Video
Travel Channel - Tornado Tours & Science
National Geographic - Built For Destruction
The Weather Channel - Storm Stories
Animal Planet - Planet's Funniest Animals
Lifetime Television - What Should You Do Series
History Channel - Nature Tech (Tornadoes)
History Channel - Nature Tech (Lightning)
Travel Channel - Storm Hunters (Fury in the Skies)
Travel Channel - Storm Hunters (Fury in the Plains)
Travel Channel - Disaster Destinations
Educational DVD - Fresh Science (Climate & Weather)
Weather Channel - Hurricane Lili Footage
Weather Channel - Waterspout Footage
Weather Channel - Lightning Footage
CNN - Hurricane Lili Footage
Photo Awards / Honors:
Wicked Weather Photo Exhibit: National Geographic - 2012
PDN World in Focus "Spontaneous Moment" Winner - 2010
PDN World in Focus Contest "Open Series" Winner - 2008
MSNBC Week In Pictures - July 7th - 14th, 2005
Book Photo Credits:
National Geographic "Worlds Best Travel Experiences"- 2012
Hurricane Katrina Photo Book (Co-Author)
Scholastic Educational Text Book Series
Advertising / Corporate Photo Credits:
Apple Safari pages Advertising Campaign - Storm photo
5 Year Dupont Advertising Campaign - Rio de Janeiro photo
Flooding Awareness Campaign - Full Sized Billboards
AEGIS 2005 Annual Report Cover Photo
Magazine Photo Credits:
Maclean's Extreme Weather Special Edition - 2012
National Geographic Special Edition "Sacred Journeys"- 2012
Parade Magazine - April 19th, 2009
Good Housekeeping - May 2009
National Geographic Magazine  - February 2009
LIFE Magazine - Nature's Fury - 2008
Weatherwise 2 Page Interview Article - 2007
Boards Production Magazine - February 2006
Parade Magazine (Front Cover) - Dec. 18th, 2005
Sports Illustrated for Kids Cover Photo - August 2005
Field and Stream Magazine - August 2005
Markee Magazine - May 2005
Australia Weekend Magazine - September 2004
Alert Diver - March/April 2004
Astronomy & Geophysics (Front Cover) - Dec 2002
Rapport Magazine 2002
Florida Hazardous Weather Awareness (Cover) - 2002
The Atlantic Monthly - Oct. 2001
Online News Photo Credits:
Yahoo News "Arctic Trek" Northern Lights Story - 12/13/12
NBC Photo Blog "Aurora Sets Stage for Meteors" - 12/13/12
Our Amazing Planet "Stunning Northern Lights" - 12/13/12
National Geographic Daily News "Arctic Auroras" - 12/18/12
Space Weather Front Page News Feature - 08/27/14
Space Weather Front Page News Feature - 12/12/12
Space Weather Front Page News Feature - 02/08/08
Space Weather Front Page News Feature - 12/09/07
Space Weather Front Page News Feature - 12/08/07
Space Weather Front Page News Feature - 08/09/07
Space Weather Front Page News Feature - 06/09/07
Space Weather Front Page News Feature - 05/15/07
Space Weather Front Page News Feature - 02/18/07
Space Weather Front Page News Feature - 02/17/07
Space Weather Front Page News Feature - 12/10/06
Newspaper Credits:
The Los Angeles Times - October 2004
Florida Keys Keynoter - September 2004
Sun Sentinel - September 2004
The New York Times (Front Page) - June 7th, 2004
Florida Today - May 2001
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